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How to place an order

Placing an order at www.superlekker.es is really easy. You place all the products you want to order in your shopping cart, you follow the steps in the order process, you place your order and within a couple of days your groceries will be delivered to you.

Note! To place an order with superlekker.es you must be of age and be able to accept the general terms and conditions before you place an order.

  • Place all the products you want to order in your shopping cart.
  • Once you added all the products you go to your shopping cart where you find a complete summary. Note! In this summary you also see the delivery costs mentioned. At the step ´Shipping´ these costs can change, depending on the transportmethode you choose. If you come pick up your order in the store, there will not be any transportcosts calculated.
  • At the next step ´Login´ you can login if you're already a customer at Super Lekker. If it’s the first time you're placing an order you can create an account.
  • Next at ´Address´ you choose a delivery address and a billing address (this can be the same address, but you can also choose a different delivery address from the billing address).
  • At ´Shipping´ you choose your shipping method (shipping to an address of your choice or pick up in the store).
  • Select a payment method at ´Payment´.
  • Check if everything for your order is correct and place your order. You will receive a confirmation by email. If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer you will also receive the bank details.

Confirmation of your order
After placing your order you will receive an email with the confirmation from us. If you didn't receive the confirmation by email you can contact Super Lekker. We will check if everything is registered correctly and sent you of course the confirmation by email.
PS. Also check your spambox to make sure the email isn't in between your spam.

My Account

If you place an order at Super Lekker you will automatically create an account, this is completly free. It has a lot of advantages, which you can enjoy immediately.

  • With the password that you choice you can easily login next time you visit our website and you can place your order without putting down all your data again.
  • You can change your personal data and keep this up-to-date.
  • You can manage your addresses and register more than one address so that you can choose a different delivery address than the billing address.
  • You can see your previously orders, here you find a summary of your order history. It´s easy to check your previous orders, print invoices of your orders and to make it easy you can place an entire order again.   
  • You can put products in your shopping cart and save them to have a look at them another time or to place your order at a different time.

With an account placing an order and following your order history is much easier.
If you want to know how we handle your personal data you can read our privacy policy.

Log in to your account
If you want to log in to your account but you forgot your password, you can select ´Forgot your password?´ when you want to log in to your account. We will send you an email with a new password. Don't forgot to change your password again in your account to a password of your choosing.

Secure payment

To pay for your order you can choice from different secure payment methods.

  • Payment by debit-/credit card
    You can pay by credit card (or debit card with credit card function) for your order. You don't have to register, you use the secure server of the bank to complete the payment, without providing your data to Super Lekker.

  • Bank transfer
    If you choose to pay by bank transfer you will receive an order confirmation with the bank details. You can pay for your order (in euros) by a bank transfer. We kindly ask you to transfer the money within 5 working days to our account with mention of your order number. If we don't receive your payment within a week we will cancel your order.

Note that we only send your order (or reserve the goods for you if you come to pick them up in the store) once we have received the payment.