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The world of tea

Tea, it´s something most of us drink on a daily basis. But where does it come from? And what types of tea are there? We would like to tell you a bit more about the world of tea.

Legend has it that tea was discovered in China by the Emperor Shen Nung nearly 5000 years ago. When he was boiling water next to a tree, a tea leaf fell into the pot by accident, the water changed of color and Shen tasted this beverage which he found delicious. Since then, tea has become one of the most popular beverages around the world.

Types of tea
There are different varieties of tea given from different harvesting process, the time the leaves have fermented in the sun and from oxidation. Each tea has for example a different color and taste. We will explain a bit more about some famous types of tea.  

  • Green tea
    It is said green tea conserves its properties like taste the best because it is a type of tea that doesn’t ferment. Directly after harvesting the tea, the leaves are dried. With a delicious taste and it´s natural antioxidants and flavonoids, green tea can protect the body.
  • Earl grey tea
    Earl grey is a one of the most famous types of tea that consists of a mixture of black tea with bergamot. It can have a citrus taste because of the bergamot which is taken from the skin of the citrus bergamot plant. Black tea is a popular type of tea that is the most drunk around the world. Nice to know: black tea and green tea come from the same tea plant, only black tea is made through heavier oxidation that changes the color and taste.
  • Rooibos tea
    This type of tea originally comes from the South of Africa. It is made from the leaves of a plant called rooibos and the result is a reddish infusion slightly sweet with a nice taste like nuts. This tea doesn’t contain caffeine, therefore for example children people can also drink it. Actually rooibos is not a tea since the leaves don't come from a tea plant.
  • Breakfast tea
    This black tea consists of a blend of teas for different countries. The tea can be drank with milk and sugar and is the most common tea in the British tea culture.
  • Herbal Tea
    Herbal Tea isn't really a tea because it doesn´t contains tea leaves. It is made from (a mix of) natural herbs you can find in nature like chamomile or fennel. This ´tea´ doesn't contains caffeine.  

Tea culture
Tea is the second most consumed beverage on Earth, after water. In many cultures it is also consumed at elevated social events, like afternoon tea and the tea party. In England each person drinks around 5 cups of tea a day which makes the British one of the largest tea consumers in the world (in comparison a Dutch person drinks around 2 cups of tea a day). There is no ritual more British than the ceremony of Afternoon tea. According to history the usual habit of having dinner between 8 and 9 pm left the Duchess of Bedford hungry by late afternoon. To stave off the hunger, she drank tea and ate bread and butter and cakes with it, which she had served in her room. Later, she invited her friends to join her at home. This event has become a habit. Now, English afternoon tea is one of the greatest British customs.

English Tea brands
There are different famous brands for tea, maybe you even have a favorite one. English brands like Twinings are famous all over the world, but also Clipper or Williamson tea is getting more famous. Also in other countries you find famous tea brands, like Pickwick in Holland.

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