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English products in Spain

Living abroad can be exciting, different and a new experience. Not only will you notice that maybe the culture is not the same as you're used to, but also the food can be completely different. Spain is famous for dishes as paella, patatas bravas, jamón and ´pinchos´, plates that are less known in England. You can savour all the tasty new flavours and enjoy a completely different breakfast or evening meal. Go out to a restaurant, or maybe you're even turning into an expert in the Spanish cuisine and can prepare the most delicious plates yourself.

But it can be that after some time you start to miss the products from ´home´ and the typical British food you can find there in the supermarkets. To help you conquer the missing of English products Super Lekker is here in Spain where you can find these British products (online). English food such as lemon curd, cider, English tea and Shepherds pie to name some. With these products you can make your own plates, just the way you're used to from back home.      

Super Lekker Barcelona
Super Lekker is a store specialised in import food from Holland, England and Belgium. There´s a store in the center of Barcelona that you can visit, but we also deliver throughout Spain (mainland). With the British products you find with us you can enjoy a nice start of the day with English breakfast tea and toast with lemon curd. But you will also find sauces such as HP sauce and different tastes from Colman´s to spice up your dinner. Missing a product? Don´t hesitate to contact us so we can see how we can help you get the products you´re looking for!

With a little bit of our help in English products you can now enjoy the dishes from home here in Spain as well! Mix up your Spanish diet with an English diet and get the best of both worlds. Have a look at our website and discover all the English food we now offer!