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Delivery costs

The delivery costs will be mentioned during the order process and go for normal transport from 6,95€. You can also choose for cooled transport, the costs are higher and will be shown at the step of selecting a transporttype.

Orders placed at superlekker.es are shipped on the mainland of Spain by the type of courier of your choosing  and delivered at the address that you as a customer provide us with. You can choose which type of courier will send your order at ´Shipping´ during the orderprocess. The transport cost are different for the different types of transport. You can also choose to pick up the order at our store; in that case, no delivery costs will be charged. We keep you informed by mail when your order is ready to be picked up. In general you can come by the store to pick up your order in the afternoon for orders you place in the morning, orders placed in the afternoon can be picked up the next morning.

It is possible for orders to be shipped to the mainland Spain. We mainly work with two types of transport: by courier and a special transport that maintains the temperature during the transport (this is especially for orders with cooled and frozen products). Please note that it´s not possible to deliver an order at a P.O.box. You can give us a different delivery address than the invoice address so you can have your order delivered at a different address.

Deliveries by courier will be shipped Monday to Thursday. In most cases the order will be delivered the next day after we send it. We work with an external courier, if possible you will receive a tracking code from us to follow your order, once this is shipped. The delivery costs depend on the total of your order and will be mentioned during the order process.

If you chose for your package to be sent by courier there is no control on the temperature. Frozen products will be sent in a special box with cooling elements. We advise you not to put them in the freezer again as you will probably receive them unfrozen. You can save these products in the fridge and consume them within 5 days. For orders with cooled and/ or frozen products it can be that an order will be shipped on the following Monday instead of Thursday (to avoid your package being kept at the warehouse of the courier during the weekend). We will speak with you about what suits you.

Cooled and frozen transport
Super Lekker also offers you the possibility to ship your order with a transport who maintains the temperature during the whole shipment. By this way your cooled and frozen products reach you still frozen and cooled. For this type of transport extra costs will be calculated, these are shown while selecting a transport type. Please note that this type of transport does not deliver at private addresses, only at bars, restaurants, stores and for example offices. 

If you want to place an order with Super Lekker and want it to be delivered outside of the mainland or in another country than Spain, please contact us and we will search for the best way of transport.


Delivery times

Orders from Super Lekker will be delivered within 1-3 working days on the mainland of Spain. This is an estimated delivery time and can vary at cases. Orders with all the products in stock will be shipped within 24 hours and normally delivered a day later. If you place an order in the morning it can be that it will be shipped the same day and delivered the next day. After your order has been shipped, if possible, you will receive a message with a tracking number to follow your order. If a product is not in stock the delivery time can be different. Super Lekker will inform you in case of this situation and will keep you posted about the estimated delivery time. If possible Super Lekker will offer you a replacement product that is in stock to faster process your order.

For the shipping of the orders Super Lekker works with an external courier. Super Lekker is not responsible for delays in the delivery time caused by the courier.

Please note that orders are normally only shipped Monday till Thursday to avoid that the package stays in the warehouse of the courier the whole weekend, unless something else is agreed upon between the customer and Super Lekker.

If you have any questions about the delivery time or costs you can always contact us.